Gathering Meme

All information regarding this event will be updated here – we hope you will join us on the 25th!

Check out whole_ISTIC medias blog page for more info of the Tribes mission

So looking forward to this Thursday – the Tribes first Gathering!

We get to talk with one another learning & teaching as we connect

Discovering what the Tribes main needs might be going forward and identifying solutions

We are opening with a sound bowl ceremony from the beautiful Souad

Speakers on the day include Lorraine Ereira, Ras Iword, Nikki Madl, Michael Brooks and other impromptu appearances expected

Then its time for the Tribe to talk – so come armed with your ideas & suggestions on any future considerations that may need to be factored in to our Tribe plan! and a pen & pad!

Come along early to meet like minded people for a drink and or dinner – 

we will be starting at 17.00 going through to 21.00 

Love to

LIFE NATURAL TRIBE Connected Crew for pulling this together 

You know who you all are!!!

Special thanks to La Herradura and all the staff for hosting us

Extra special thanks to Jo for all her input, speakers & artists thank you for your energy

Carlos for our fab films & JJ for her stills and all the random footage we get sent!

Lorraine & Mark for the live music and stage mic! – Will be back next time!

Pat & Lee Jay for extra sound equipment on the night