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One of the first books that really influenced my living a natural lifestyle was a book called “SURVIVAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY” Planetary Healers Manual by Viktoras H Kulvinskas.(A link to this fantastic book is below). I was hooked!!!!! 


Now more than ever it is important to look at this book and similar 60/70s books again. A look to see where we are, what did we learn or put into practice from what could be termed as an early conspiracy theory? The examples of natural living, energy, exercise, eating and natural meds is the strong string that pull many of the early alternatives together. 

An update of where we are as ‘supposed’ free people in early 2021. Under Martial law which at the moment has imposed FULL LOCKDOWN. A ‘flu’ like pandemic has closed the whole world down. REALITY NOT FICTION. 

The old world is dying and the new world has yet to be born. Ordinary citizens all over the planet, who’ve been struggling with the deep divisions across society in today’s fraught and fear-based social and political landscape, are coming together in active participation to co-create and embody a new story for their lives.