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As human beings we are multidimensional. We are made of matter, sound and light. We all have our spiritual being, layers of dimension, and we are all electrical transmitters and receivers, vibration and light. What do we mean when we are talking about dimensions? We are all aware, conscious or not of the first three dimensions. Through length , width and depth forms that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. We see and interact in a 3 dimensional existence.

On the Human level there are energy layers in the Auric Field, which interpenetrate with all the bodily matter, down to the very cells and atoms. Although we are in the 3rd Dimension of the physical we interact with the other dimensions via our consciousness.( Dimensional / By Anita Allen)

Parallel universe is often linked to different dimensions where we imagine things are done in different ways. What we aim to do is look at ways we can connect to these dimensions and how they play a role in our lives.

Humans’ first dimensional consciousness is “unconscious” to our five physical senses. To start to get