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So we are in very, very challenging times. The world is changing and we are losing people daily to a man-made pandemic and in the midst of all of this, life is meant to go on as normal? For most of us these times are causing a lot of fear and anxiety. We have allowed ourselves to be duped into this false existence where money is king but does not exist, yet we are enslaved to it. Where food is no longer real, we can’t trust what we see in any media and we have NO CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.

Well there is no longer ‘normal’. We THE PEOPLE (living man/woman) have to recreate the life that we want to live, as our complacency has been taken for acceptance of whatever ‘law’ they want to impose. For hundreds of years we have been under the control of a system that has completely used and abused the masses. Hundreds of years of lies, conniving and manipulation have left the masses as potential victims to whatever the 1% want to do with us, while we naively believe everything that the system tells us via TV and the media.