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Are you fighting a long term disease?

Are your medications causing more issues?

Are you interested in natural remedies?

You can be your own healer……….


Learn what herbs are good for you, LIVITY LIVING – Life Natural offer you the chance to start taking control of your own health regime.

The interest in herbal medications is growing at a phenomenal rate. With report s of how pharmaceutical medicines are not always producing the desired results, helping in the increased interest in natural remedies.

BEYOND Herbalism is an online course that introduces you to Herbalism and by the end of the four modules will have equipped you with enough knowledge and skills to become your own healer.

But this is just the beginning because you have started to re-ignite knowledge that is part of your DNA.

Plants have evolved with us humans and it is said by some that we are a species of plant. The molecular similarities are well documented and it’s not by coincidental happenings that plants have ways to keep the human body in full homeostasis, fully balanced and living a life of longevity with agility.

This is not something that has just dawned upon us. The development of the masses has been halted by controlling our full involvement with all plant species, this is specifically aimed at controlling, what by the system has been termed psychological altering plants or mind altering drugs. Many of these same herbs are what Shamens’ have used from the beginning of time.

Now we see the dismantling of the system s controlling cannabis, admitting that the plant has medicinal properties, has finally allowed research to go into full flow.

What we must understand is that we have so many other herbal plants with medicinal properties that we must start embracing and keeping the knowledge alive for future generations.

This knowledge is under attack, the pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to infiltrate and take over all of the educational institutions and at the same time have decimated the teachings of all natural healing therapies, to the extent there are now NO degree studies available.

The aim of this blog is to get people to really focus on herbal medicines. Remember this is something that all of our ancestors would have used, it’s not something our bodies are going to have to adapt, it’s in our DNA. As they have acknowledged  with the endocannabinoid receptors that cannabis fits into, like a key turning on healing mechanisms within the body.

We have plants like vitex which offers hormone balancing this can provide relief that is so gratifying that it’s hailed as one of our great plants. One plant that provides relief that the pharmaceutical want to give you untold amounts and variations of medications often to overcome side effects caused by the said medications they have prescribed.

Sounds and looks like a hamster wheel that’s costing a lot at one end and making a lot for the very few at the financial rewards end. The medical symptom is not overcome, but maybe the signal to the brain that understands what’s going on and is responsible for sending a signal to the rest of your body, this is blocked for a few hours so the pain side is blocked. Remember though  the physical side of the physical dis-ease is continuing. If it’s a damaged liver why leave it to get worse to the extent that it is removed or caused more issues, when there are more than one natural herb that grows wild around us that have the medical ability to repair that damaged  liver. Yes it is more than just having a herbal tea, your diet and alcohol  intake will have to change also, but with a result of a fully repaired and functioning liver as opposed to a non functioning or even loss of life is no comparison at all. We need to fully understand big pharmas agenda as they know the capabilities of the plants. The medications are often synthesized concoctions of original plant components that have medicinal effects on our bodies. They isolate individual compounds, causing an imbalance in the medical action, this medical interaction generally only does one part of its job, the result being that another medication has to be prescribed to balance the imbalance.

Now this new medication will be another part of the same plant but again another individual compound has been extracted, this then brings back the balance missing from the first medication.

As Herbalists we believe in full plant synergy. The plant has what is needed to work on the area that it has shown its affinity with, at times combined with other plants even more natural balancing can happen without causing situations that are totally unnecessary within the human body. We attend  and attack the cause, unlike today’s modern reactionary, money making ‘big pharma’ ethos where in many cases recently reported, the medications prescribed are not working as the genetics of the dis~ease have got stronger than the antibiotics, rendering them useless. Or the badly run un-sanatised hospitals/practices carried out in areas that breed more dis~ease than they cure.

It really is time to be in full control of life by being in charge of your own and your families’ health and wellbeing.

Are you fighting a long term disease?

Are your medications causing more issues?

Are you interested in natural remedies?

You can be your own healer……….

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