Topical cannabis infusions act on a peripheral basis, which means they do not enter the bloodstream. This means no psychoactivity. So you can apply them liberally without the potential side effects of too much THC. Provides Localised Pain Management: Cannabis-infused creams or oils are great for treating pain in a specific area of the body, back or knee pain, for example, cannabis topicals could help and they are fast-acting. Once applied, the cannabinoids in topicals bind with the CB2 receptors in your skin, providing quick relief.

Treats Mild Skin Irritations: apply cannabis topically for bug bites, scratches and other skin abrasions. Cannabis-infused creams and salves are ideal because they offer localised pain relief while reducing swelling and is known to ease the itching.

Alleviates Symptoms of Psoriasis:  psoriasis causes itchy, painful red patches on the skin. Cannabis, is proving to be a powerful treatment option. A  recent study in 2007 revealed that cannabinoids inhibited the build up of dead skin cells – a direct cause of psoriasis. While more research is needed, the positive impact of cannabis infusions for psoriasis is clear.

Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis: A recent report of a study in the journal Rheumatology revealed how cannabis helps fight inflammation. The study found that in patients suffering from arthritis, CB2 receptors in the joint tissues were present at an abnormally high rate. Cannabis helps to fight inflammation by activating these receptors.

Haemorrhoids/ piles. Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels that occur in the anus and rectum Cannabis may also be effective at relieving the pain associated with haemorrhoids, as the herb has been used for cases of pain for thousands of years. Cannabis has soothing properties in this domain. The herb won’t provide a magic bullet cure for haemorrhoids, but cannabinoids may help to bring down inflammation and may ease pain when they flare up. The plant can be an effective part of a broader strategy of dealing with haemorrhoid symptoms.

An Essential Vegetable

“It (Cannabis) has captured these molecules that help our bodies regulatory system be more effective. The bottom line is it’s a dietary essential that helps all 210 cell types function more effectively. I don’t even refer to it as medicine anymore, strictly as a dietary essential.”

Dr. William L. Courtney

It is so important that we start to read and take notice of the new research that is emerging with the slow loosening of government restrictions on medicinal cannabis. Raw cannabis as an example, is non-psychoactive, so you won’t experience a high — an important point for those who would like to utilise the healing aspects of cannabis without feeling drugged.

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