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CBD products are in the midst of a humongous boom and the public are changing the whole mind-set around cannabinoid medication. Worldwide legalisation is moving very fast and new products are being offered daily. This is fantastic more and more people are experiencing the benefits cannabinoids can offer. But with the new products coming onto the market daily, confusion can become a problem for consumers, and one of the biggest areas of confusion consumers are facing at the moment is how to establish what the difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil are or are they the same?

The quick answer to that is NO

Hemp oil, is the oil that is found within the seeds of the hemp plant. It is commonly used as a cooking oil and also in body care products. It is manufactured by pressing hemp seeds to obtain the oil within them. The oil is then refined to varying degrees depending on the intended use of the oil.

CBD Oil, is from a CBD cannabis plant that has less than 0.03% THC. The CBD is an active cannabinoid, that needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant be it by isolate, distillate, or raw plant extract etc. the extracted cannabinoid will be mixed with a carrier oil for consumption purposes. CBD itself is naturally fat soluble, meaning that it readily dissolves and mixes well with fats, such as oils. The same applies for many other cannabinoids. This is why you most commonly find CBD mixed with oils such as grapeseed, coconut or even hempseed. In theory, CBD can be mixed with any type of oil.

There is a lot of confusion when looking to purchase CBD oils and this in turn is having a knock on effect and on consumers’ confidence. Much of this has to do with the advertising of CBD products. Because the mention of CBD or cannabis sativa/indica is still not fully legal or accepted, producers and the marketing departments are doing the best they can to get the products out without getting in to trouble with the legal systems.

This has meant that the CBD oil that many consumers are buying have been disguised as hemp oil, giving off the impression that hemp oil and CBD oil are the same. The sad issue here is that its very hard to tell if the product does contain CBD at all.

To overcome this don’t buy on line unless you know the supplier

Buy from a trustworthy herbalist or natural remedies practitioner.

The amount % or mL of CBD should be on the label and product description.

Full spectrum will indicate that the other compounds are included minus the THC.

So be sure you know who you are buying your CBD oils from, make sure you know the strength of the CBD oil and check how the CBD has been extracted.

Remember Hemp oil is from the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD is from the whole cannabis CBD plant with less than 0.03% THC.

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