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The situation of today’s modern health for the Western populations  has shown that over the last 50 years the Western diet is not suited to the best of health and well being of the people.

Statistics show how high the cases of diabetes, fybroids, prostate cancer and leukaemia are. When these diseases are looked at in detail a common cause for investigation has been diet, and lifestyle.

The diets of today that are being promoted via the media have increasingly become void of any forms of nutritional value.

The forms of cooking have also added to the depletion of the resources needed to maintain a healthy body, that many THINK they are addressing.

Modern day growning techniques are also a major factor in the quest for nutrition.

The quality of todays’ foods, though the look may be visually improved the nutritional value in most cases has been severely compromised. This has reached a point where certain foods are nothing like what they where 30 years ago. So today we find ourselves with something like a box of cornflakes tested for nutritional value against its’ cardboard package resulted in a lower nutritional score than the cardboard. What must be noted is that even if there are no visible signs of health deterioration, maintaining a bad diet will build up dis-ease.

Main Causes

  • SUGAR pure and simple one of the MAJOR players in any dis~ease. This is the hidden devil in many of our drinks and processed foods.

A good example can be seen in the African Diaspora, this is where many of the problems of health are initiated. Diabetes known for its link to sugar. Cancer feeds off sugar, obesity and all the other related dis~eases are also a known result of excess sugar.

  • Lifestyle is also a major factor. Lack of vitamin D alone for melanated persons not getting the right type and amount of sunshine is a health issue. Air quality is increasingly deteriorating and also having an impact on the health of many. The intake of other vitamins and minerals is also an area that is constantly flagged up for concern in health matters.

Dr L.Africa, Dr Sebi

Just two of the pioneers in African Diaspora healthcare and well being. Dr Sebi’s alkaline diet regime bringing amazing results in a short space of time, through informed researched dietary control. Dr Africas research into the health ranges of melinated people giving informed researched information on blood pressure ranges, nutritional needs, all round balanced health needs of the African Diaspora melinated persons.

A dis~ease preventative lifestyle is where you maintain a quality of life where you are consciously fueling your temple in a way that you continue to replenish your homeostasis by way of diet, exercise and mental attitude.

LIVING LIVITY will be holding regular retreats around the world to share these techniques, over a 7, 10, 14 plus day period the retreats will provide juicing knowledge, green juices, fruit seeds and nut juicing. Detox, slimming, body building, prevention via all types of juicing, exploring types of juicers best suited will all be covered on a daily basis.

Vegan and electric food will be provided for all meals, cooking will be covered extensively. This is a major part of the dis~ease preventative lifestyle and will help in maintaining your new lifestyle once back in normal routines.

The natural health aspect will be being addressed within much of the juicing and food provided. Medicinal herbal care is also given, this is again aimed to give the participant long term knowledge where they can reproduce the herb in the form they wish to be taking it in. Special pain care management is given. The retreat is also a herbal farm where produce is grown and marketed worldwide, thus giving the opportunities to learn how to make ones own herbal remedy.

Daily yoga and body stretching will be going on and individual or group sessions can be provided.

Details of our upcoming retreats will be released soon. To be notified please contact us.


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