At Livity Living Life Natural we have been sharing our knowledge on eating healthy Vegan Diets. This has been built up on a 30+ years background of eating vegan. For us it’s fantastic to see people waking up to the realities of fast foods and processed foods.  In just six months alone the word VEGAN is everywhere, which is great, but what we are also seeing is the increase in the processed faux vegan sausages, meats, ready meals amongst a host of other processed vegan produce.

This blog is not to criticise the vegans and non-vegans who use these processed vegan foods. Our aim is to furnish people with the information needed to live a long and healthy natural life. To do this we need to be giving our bodies what it needs to maintain and replenish our whole system. This is done by making sure we consume all the needed vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as the more spoken about carbohydrates, fats & proteins.


Livity Living Life Natural utilising the amazing Nutritics Nutrition analysing programme can provide a full in-depth report on exactly how much of the needed nutrition you are consuming (based on your 7 day consumption diary).

By completing this programme you will be setting disciplines that will be of continual benefit throughout your life. The main one is checking what goes into making the food you are consuming and the process used to grow or make it.

The completed report will furnish all information needed to adjust foods in the diet and this may sometimes be achieved by increasing the intake. Below is an example of part of the report.


The diet that feeds the body its’ optimal nutrition, replenishes it continually, freeing energy from the digestion of un-natural components in the modern day foods, that our digestive system has not evolved with. This allows the body to raise its vibration.

As well as food our bodies need exercise. Walking or just being in nature is food to the body. Sunshine is energy and healing.

Please take on board that this is a LIFESTYLE not just a diet. Working on one self, having time and space is as important as the food you are eating.

At Livity Living Life Natural we are building an environment for our retreats that will allow Health Seekers to Live The Natural vegan organic lifestyle, picking up all the skills needed to be able to maintain the same lifestyle wherever you are.We are aiming at holding regular cook outs where vegan foods cah be enjoyed in a beautiful natural environment that will stay im your memories for many years.

A full diet analysis will provide the information required to help get to the goals set by the Health Seeker. The retreat is also a working herbal farm and practice and we can help in natural treatments of many common or diverse dis~ease.

This is a great opportunity to take full control of your diet. We are open to all types of food eaters though our recommendations will be vegan. Vegans and veggies it is important that you are getting all the nutrition your body needs to support you in the way it has been designed for.

To get your Nutritics Nutrition Analysis or further information about our workshops and retreats contact me via email:

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