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With a new decade on the distant horizon, the realisation that the next highly studied, followed and measured generational wave (the Millenniums’ generation) just how much they now outnumber the baby boomers. This is a strong enough signal to see and know that sights and dreams need to be focused more on the quality of life, in this new bracket that my age is supposedly fitting into 50 and 60 year olds’ ain’t buying into this aging thing. Research is providing evidence of how natural non mass produced foods can supply the needs for qualitative lifestyles when matched with the environment providing the same natural elements this then moving to vibrational growth.

Life experiences are continually building. I now am blessed with some gift’s of hindsight that experiences of past have blessed me with. I can be confident with my faith, as this has been my main chariot thus far and I feel will be forever more. What has been made clear to me throughout my journey to date is that I am a vehicle for information to be shared with as many people as are opening to hearing. The hearing will be the spark which will lead to seeing and experiencing.

My journey has been and still is one of questioning “what is life all about” this has been my main question from as young as I can remember. A Black Caribbean born in East London in 1960,having to continually be looking over my shoulder as young as 4yrs of age because the skinheads who hang around in gangs on the street corners may catch me and start kicking me with their steel toe capped boots, this was how it was. That form of racism had all stopped being so overt by my teens, but by then the skinheads had been replaced by the police. This is in no way a complaint as I live life looking at the positives. I gained many skills, self-defence, fast sprinting, communication, respect, social skills, understanding and lost importantly Love.

By the age of 21 my quest for knowing had increased. I met a group of very interesting alternative people who were looking at life, but this was different this looked at life from within. Now I was looking at myself exploring the make-up of my life at that time.

·         FEELINGS

·         FAITH


·         LOVE

·         ANGER

·         JEALOUSY


·         HEALTH

The strength I receive through the knowing’s received through my early years of research is a blessing that I continue to keep exercised, as I have learnt from physical training if a muscle is left unused it weakens.

Living Life knowing and accepting that everything that happens to me is something that I have created has been one of the main rocks that I have built my principles on. Being responsible for everything I think say and do, not only what I do but also what I allow into my life and all that happens to me through that liaison. This could be information received from any form of media or directly from my meditation, a person, plant or an animal.

The next stage is not something that always happens immediately. This is the:

·        Lesson/ reason from, or for the interaction or meeting,

·        What was the meaning for this?

·        Why has this energy from this interaction been called into my space?

 A good point to make here with this way of being is, that everything happens for a reason, no coincidences, luck (this is something that you have created). Remember we created everything that happens to us.

The modules that we will undertake during our journeys will allow me to share the amazing insights that have been shared with me and I have personally experienced. This is an important point to grasp early. It’s about what YOU experience, the feelings YOU have may be total different to the feelings I have on the same incident that we have witnessed. One of the core modules is FEELINGS a lot of time can be spent around feelings and in many cases the outcome is to respect how one feels as only the individual can truly know how they feel.

Feelings have so many aspects that have to be looked at. Fear, Anger, Love, Hate

All the above mentioned feelings are all very powerful in their own right. How often in a day do we go through these four feelings? What shapes our different responses and how is it that we can all be affected totally differently.  So much so that one’s health can be very much dependant on how these four feelings are dealt with.

The journey we have embarked on is going to look at things differently. Looking at our responses to everything:

·         What the issues really are about?

·         Is a shot of honesty needed?

Communication must be clear and one has to care about the outcome. The quest is to continually have positivity as the mantra. Everything and anything that comes to mind can be manifested if really desired. Faith and a pure heart that has Love at its core is the key to where magic is. What Livity Living Life Natural want to share with you is the way to prepare your temple in a dis~ease less life of longevity, agility, vibrating art frequencies that attract that which your higher self is searching for right now.

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