Ras Binghi Iword BSc. Western Herbalism

Qualified Herbalist, Cannabinoids medication Specialist, Vegan & alkaline Nutritionist, Organic Farmer, Permaculturist, Alkaline Vegan Chef

My Rastafarian guidance has blessed me with the knowledge of eating natural plant based foods and working with the plant world medicinally. My university studies helped in pulling together this information and allowing me to share this information. For 35 plus years I have followed a natural dis~ease preventative lifestyle that is fully vegan and alkaline, making my food my medicine, this discipline has blessed me with a healthy life, whilst sparing me any form of state run medical intervention.

Over the last couple of decades I have dedicated my life to working with people, sharing my experiences as a herbalist, nutritionist farmer and chef using plant based alkaline foods and other various forms of alternative therapies to help maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

I am now pooling all of my vegan cooking, qualified herbal and nutrition experience, organic food growing and herbal product making, as well as 25 yrs business expertise to provide a platform where anyone can source information to improve their current health state directly online. We also provided via various other mediums opportunities to get a full understanding of what exactly is needed to regain and maintain a healthy dis~ease preventative long term lifestyle.

We are in constant research making sure that we are able to keep you fully up to date with the developments in the natural alternative therapies world with an emphasis on herbalism and plant based foods.

Our LIVITY LIVING – Life Natural range is produced with 100% natural and in most cases organic herbs and oils and plant based foods. All of our base cream produce are ethically sourced.- we buy our Shea Butter from a small working co-operative of ladies in a Ghana village. Our Blackseed and Moringa oils are also sourced from small Indian villages who are producing the best organic cold pressed unrefined goods we could find. The tinctures we make from our own grown organic herbs and where this is not possible we work with herbal specialists to make sure you have the best possible quality product that we can create.

You will have the option of buying our products online, plus you can join me on one of the many retreats I am involved with. Attend one of our workshops, take one of our online courses or follow one of the video blogs. To stay up to date please sign up for our email alerts and latest news on herbs for dis~ease prevention. Staying healthy & well together.

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