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So we are in very, very challenging times. The world is changing and we are losing people daily to a man-made pandemic and in the midst of all of this, life is meant to go on as normal? For most of us these times are causing a lot of fear and anxiety. We have allowed ourselves to be duped into this false existence where money is king but does not exist, yet we are enslaved to it. Where food is no longer real, we can’t trust what we see in any media and we have NO CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.

Well there is no longer ‘normal’. We THE PEOPLE (living man/woman) have to recreate the life that we want to live, as our complacency has been taken for acceptance of whatever ‘law’ they want to impose. For hundreds of years we have been under the control of a system that has completely used and abused the masses. Hundreds of years of lies, conniving and manipulation have left the masses as potential victims to whatever the 1% want to do with us, while we naively believe everything that the system tells us via TV and the media.

The need for Population reduction has been the banner that they have been trying to convince us on, but this must be questioned. The world has so much unused land. We are fully aware and have the knowledge on how to regenerate and regrow any land no matter how bad it is.

  • We have governments that we have employed, dictating and dominating our lives on behalf of their puppet masters.
  • We have a police force that we pay to defend the people, that are also doing the works for the unseen powers that are in control
  • We have a medical crisis with a profession and higher education that is totally controlled by the pharmaceuticals regardless of the health of the people
  • We have a banking system that is a mechanism of control used again by the unseen ones of power
  • We have media that perpetuates the lies and totally ignore the truth as instructed by the unknown powerful ones.
  • We have a food crisis unfolding daily
  • We have a reproduction calamity
  • We have a dumbing down catastrophe
  • We have a rapidly collapsing system that is going to have a major effect on all
Police Violence Is Not an accident

Our independence (little as it was) has been taken away from us and we are just allowing this to go on. What are we leaving for future generations? What are we allowing the current generation to have to be going through, numerous vaccines, travel restrictions, chipped. When did you give your politician (who supposedly are working on your behalf with your best interests in mind) permission to carry on how our politicians are now?

For too long anything that has an alternative edge and a danger to the government’s view has been classed as conspiracy, or hippy drugs, or rabbit food munchers. With time many of these so called conspiracies that have been blocked by governments are proving to actually be true and far more beneficial than even those who believe and promote the alternative ways have imagined.

Even among those who felt they are conscious of many things, they too have had a re-education in the ways, whys and how’s that we have been made to experience over the last fifty years and certainly as this scandemic continues, I think it’s fair to say we must all be shocked at how quickly things have changed. A look at how many of us have woken up to the underhanded ways of the systems in this short space of time is amazing. (Although we still have many more to fully awaken). The need to question the main stream media (MSM) and research everything has been proven to be imperative.

The need to understand exactly which laws are in fact lawful. We need to be able to scrutinise and question laws that do not benefit the people, but entrap us. We need to be speaking Common Law language so as not to incriminate or entrap ourselves as we do with much of the maritime diction. This will enable informed decisions and help in the way we are going to develop, a way that is of a benefit to the people and not some kind of governmental back door controlling scheme.

Time to wake up the lions

The powers that be have misjudged the strength and power of the people. The power of good over evil, and our modern technology now allows us to connect in real-time. The internet has proved to be a game changer in many ways not all positive but the ability to communicate and study has been a major plus. Here is where we the people need to take up our advantage. The coming together of the masses can easily become a reality with the clever use of technology but we must be conscious of technology and its strengths and our weaknesses.

Full inclusion is so important of all ages’ sexes and abilities. The transference of and sharing of skills will prove the value of experience and give full acknowledgement of the paths taken by those who are able to assist in the new ways, in our new days.

The need for us to be able to maintain the old hand skills that our grandparents used to survive are so important. Technology is great and when used as designed it is usually for the betterment of humanity, but sadly our naivety has allowed the tech world to become unreal.

How are we going to make a change? Well not by continuing in the same vein that we have been for the last 200 years. It is really time that we become vocal, it’s time that we exercise our unalienable rights.

We at LIVITY LIVING Life Natural (LLLN) have been putting out information via our blogs, vlogs and posts that we would have hoped would have sparked conversation on the situation we are all in. An emphasis has been put on the alternatives for a reason, albeit arriving far quicker than I anticipated. But we now find ourselves in a situation that is not conducive to a harmonic existence. It is this harmonic discord that we believe we can collectively fine tune to a lifestyle of our own making.

At LLLN we have full faith in GOOD over EVIL with belief that in time the truth will be revealed. A view at the non MSM information and research reveals how many are awake and have been in preparation, many of us unconsciously. It is imperative that we now take action, putting into motion what we have also known deep down inside we have been honing our skills for. Our path at LLLN is NATURAL DIS~EASE PREVENTION it sounds like some long winded scientific fad, in reality its naturalising the quality of your life. We are all in the main, locked in somehow, to this debt system. A system designed to entrap us. A system that has been entrapping us for so long that we now see what and how our daily lives are with regards to finances, everyday living cost, even our bills and our banking. It’s all a corrupt façade that for generations now has been milking the living man and living woman of everything, using the living man/womans money to continually milk them, and when the living man/woman cannot pay anymore they the system don’t care they use the living man/womans money to take the non payer to court, they use the living man/womans money to look after what they term as a LAW BREAKER in prison. So what do I mean by the living man/womans’ money.

For all of us worldwide our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to WATER, HEATING FOOD and SHELTER. Has been something that has been paid for and provided for from the day we were born. Sadly the weight in gold promised at birth (old saying worth your weight in gold. More than just a myth) was snatched by the system the day your parents registered you as a corporation (NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS) and received a receipt for you in the form of a birth certificate. This birth certificate is who the system control. This is all about Common Law, Universal Law and maritime law. We the living man/woman or boy/girl have got to get up and take back what is rightfully ours.

This information has been around for many years but has always been fobbed off as a conspiracy theory. Recent times are proving that so called conspiracy theories need to be looked into. The following information is copied from

Now is the time more than ever that we the living man and woman have the chance to take back the lives we have been put onto this earth to fulljoy.

It is also the time that we make sure that there is a future for the generations coming behind us. We are not just at the end of an age – the Piscean age, but as a well known saying tells us – when one door closes another opens, we are NOW bringing in the Aquarian age where living man/woman ‘knows’. The spiritual will overcome.

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