As human beings we are multidimensional. We are made of matter, sound and light. We all have our spiritual being, layers of dimension, and we are all electrical transmitters and receivers, vibration and light. What do we mean when we are talking about dimensions? We are all aware, conscious or not of the first three dimensions. Through length, width and depth forms that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. We see and interact in a 3 dimensional existence.

On the Human level there are energy layers in the Auric Field, which interpenetrate with all the bodily matter, down to the very cells and atoms. Although we are in the 3rd Dimension of the physical we interact with the other dimensions via our consciousness. (Dimensional by Anita Allen)

Parallel universe is often linked to different dimensions where we imagine things are done in different ways. What we aim to do is look at ways we can connect to these dimensions and how they play a role in our lives.

Humans’ first dimensional consciousness is “unconscious” to our five physical senses. To start to get an overstanding of what this means we first must acknowledge that we are all interconnected as hue –man beings and in turn we are all connected intimately with the planet mother earth. We all have the ability to be able to tune into the pure conscious energy fields. WE know that certain areas have special lay lines often at sacred places.

Though our hue-man ability to communicate information that we have learnt and retained into our connective thought process, then through our experiences we learn to transform ourselves and communicate or transfer that experience. This is all happening whilst in unbroken communication with Creation. Mother Earth is also intimately connected with us, and many of us are tuning into her conscious energy fields, at sacred sites and by spending time in nature. We are conduits of communicative information based upon our experiences that collect, store, process, transform and transmit this information. All of this information is constantly in communication with Creator Source, and also the Creator Intelligence is in communication with us. A human is a receiver and transmitter of energy and information that relates to our body, our thoughts and emotions, our environment, other beings, and back to the Source, in every single moment, even across parallel timelines

The first dimensional part of our bodies is the minerals, water, and genetic codes that are the foundation of our physical forms, level one dimension resonate at this level..

When we connect with this level we connect with the entire physical world on a molecule level. This is the place of quantum physics a place of electrons, protons, nuclei, and quarks. It is the gateway between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

You can find spider consciousness on this level. As they are the guardians of the matrix of Gaia’s consciousness.

Second dimensional consciousness is awareness on a biological level. Here you can connect with the plant and animal kingdoms. It is said that the plant and lower animal kingdom resonate to this level, being aware of their species identity, the need for feeding, fighting and breeding.

Centred in the lower brain It is the consciousness that directs the autonomic nervous system to regulate and maintain life support functions. Our five physical senses are unconscious of this. This is the place of the chemical beings that make up the body. On this level we can become aware of how the body is one big communication-network between all the elements within your cells. There is many different beings that exist on this level. Our understanding of different beings has been distorted by the controlling systems that have had an agenda to dumb down the ability of the human brain.

The Third Dimension is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. Our ability to experience beauty down here shows that we live in a loving universe. Because of the perceptual filters available (courtesy of the Planetary Consciousness), it is possible for our consciousness to identify with matter. We can, therefore, become dense ourselves.

Because the universe allows the illusion of Free Will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions, we can act like saints or demons, or usually, somewhere in between. When we base our actions exclusively on third-dimensional principles, we live in a material world.

Here, our reality is “easy to prove” in “logical ways.” This is because it is natural that we believe our pictures of reality are reality. This etches our lives in stone, rather than sketching them in Light.

The Fourth Dimension is a gray, polarized plane, housing the forces of Light and Darkness. The battle between good and evil starts here

Christ was sharing a fourth-dimensional perspective when He said, “If you are not with me, you are against me.” Forms naturally morph on the Astral plane. For example, a tree can easily transform into a wolf.

Because the illusion of good and evil is manifest here and because of the extreme mutability of form, distrust and fear exists. Consequently, strength of Personal Will or Personal Power play major roles in the protection and control rackets. (“I am strong and knowledgeable.I will protect and guide you and give you what you want. Just do what I say.”)

Magic, time travel, karma, reincarnation, luck, psychic surgery, flying, mind reading, disembodied spirits, enchantment, and of course, astral travel, all source from this plane. The God(s) and Goddess(es) of many religions live here.

Hell and purgatory are fourth-dimensional locales, as well. By embodying the principles of this plan for most religions,

Fifth Dimension is the highest realm a soul can reach. Spiritually, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation.

For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realm a soul can reach. We incarnate here as androgynous stellar beings. Living on stars, we don luminous Light Bodies. These eternal forms have no need for pain, the warning signals that physical bodies provide.

Therefore, there is no physical suffering. Neither do we suffer from any form of separation, because we constantly experience the Oneness of God. We base our actions entirely on love, never on fear.

This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable, living miraculous lives. Immortality, too, is an experiential given. Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel up a long tunnel.

The tunnel transverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of golden or white Light (the Fifth Dimension). This is the Doorway to Heaven – The Golden Gates. Usually, someone is there to greet the person, although not always St. Peter.

We travel by the application of Divine Will. The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line or a curved line. In the Fifth Dimension, one simply duplicates himself to his destination(s). (We do not fly, either. Flying only becomes a viable means of transportation on the Third and Fourth Dimensions).

In addition, we can travel by moving through the doorway at the center of the star. In many Ascension stories, the Earth transforms – along with her inhabitants – into her fifth-dimensional Light Body. She physically shifts from a dense, material body to one of Light (a star). The fifth dimensional manifestation of a star is neither hot nor fiery. It is soft.

We enhance the probability of living a magical life.

This blog has been months in the writing. This is because this subject has so many different perspectives. My method has been to read as widely as possible, pulling together a picture that might be easier to overstand. Sharing my blockage has helped me to realise that this needs to be an open ongoing discussion as we are still and always will be evolving.

New times have allowed so many people the space to look at and even question the collective narrative that we have had pumped out to us through the mainstream mediums of media. So many now have the reasons to doubt governments, pharmaceuticals, media, newspaper or television.

Looking at music frequencies alone just by musicians recording work in 432Hz (harmony) instead of the 440Hz (anger) that is most frequently used shows the depths that were used to control us.

So this is again a plea for interaction from those who are looking for innerstanding. Our evolution has been halted for too long. We have the ability to create wonderment. The creation of new that we do not even know about on this level of consciousness but the feelings of more is because our sub consciousness is connected to the matrix of life and is but waiting for us to open the doors of wonderment and enter in.

It is time to get ready for this massive change. Its nothing that has not been mentioned before.

· Getting into nature.

· Looking after yourself by what you eat & drink.

· The work you do.

· The place you live.

Now is the time, we are blessed that we have the tools at hand to be able to communicate with the world. Produce media that if used smart will enhance our existence. Many of us are living a self sufficient life off grid giving some sense of independence. We can work closer together assisting one another where and when needed.

We are the change and no man/wombman is an island. We are vibrating at the frequencies that will attract like and action is the key now.

Lets’ start by communicating. We at LLLN have created the environment for wonderment to happen we now need more magicians within the collective.

Join us – link via one of our communication mediums.

Love is the connective string lets keep spreading and sharing the strings.


Ras N Heddi

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