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Spring is upon us, and the chance to get out into nature for healing of the mind, body and soul has come around again. The benefits of walking in nature, studied by researchers, have been able to provide information that when documented it’s quite astounding. The Japanese research from Nippon Medical School in Tokyo shows a nature walk changes blood flow in the brain to a state of relaxation.

Research has been able to establish various benefits of walking in nature:

  •     controls depression
  •     improves athletic performance
  •     improves immunity and memory
  •     reduces anxiety
  •     helps battle colds and flu
  •     makes you happy
  •     speeds recovery time after sickness
  •     reduces cancer

Walks along a river or just sitting beside the river taking in all that nature has to share with you, this alone can give so many health benefits. The researchers have shown that there is more of a health benefit physically through just getting out into nature, though it is also agreed that visually looking at nature also has a measurable effect. Thousands of studies have concluded that a physical venture into a natural and calm environment has been the way that many cultures throughout the ages have intuited that being in nature is truly good for the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Nature provides us with so many benefits: helping with mindfulness, including lower stress levels, relief from mild anxiety, pain and depression, improved mental clarity and focus, and better sleep quality.

Its written that ‘Nature makes us Healthier and Happier’

The fresh air flooding into the lungs, the rays of the sun, the energy of the live fauna all add to the experience that can be a kick-start to your wellbeing. A closer look at research in this area does reveal interesting facts.

But what does the science say? Several studies have looked at how viewing awe-inspiring nature imagery in photos and videos impacts emotions and behavior. For example, in one study participants either viewed a few minutes of the inspiring documentary Planet Earth, a neutral video from a news program, or funny footage from Walk on the Wild Side. Watching a few minutes of Planet Earth led people to feel 46 percent more awe and 31 percent more gratitude than those in the other groups. This study and others like it tell us that even brief nature videos are a powerful way to feel awe, wonder, gratitude, and reverence—all positive emotions known to lead to increased well-being and physical health. More recent review of studies looking at different kinds of nature immersion – natural landscapes during a walk, views from a window, pictures and videos, and flora and fauna around residential or work environments—showed that nature experiences led to reduced stress, easier recovery from illness, better physical well-being in elderly people, and behavioral changes that improve mood and general well-being.

So its your chance to get out into nature. Its free once you get there, the flowers don’t charge to look at their beauty, The trees clean the air for you for free. If your blessed enough to be in a food forest then you will have the great chance of eating real foods, from land to plate or tree to stomach.

Nature is here for you. At Livity Living Life Natural we embrace nature with both hands our herbal food forest and farm provides the perfect setting for those who want to take living a natural life to the next stage. It might be by looking at natural health with herbalism, or you are looking to take your vegetarian diet to a vegan diet by attending our vegan alkaline cooking courses. With thirty plus years of herbalism and natural living we have a lot to share with you, that you will be able to continue with when you return to your regular routine.

Our farm is in Southern Spain in the mountains but yet within 1 hour you could be on the beach. This is where Living the Life Natural begins.

We are blessed with nature at our herbal farm and food forest that not only provides us with a fantastic breath taking environment but also the products used in our LIVITY LIVING dis~ease prevention range, and also gives many the opportunities to interact directly with the herbal plants, it is surprising how many people pick the plants needed to work with exactly the ailment they are looking to work with. Our beyond organic food forest provides most of our veg, fruits and nuts. And finally, we are blessed with a river at the bottom of the herbal and food forest that provides much needed water and quiet tranquil settings that allow one to meditate for hours.

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Book into LIVITY LIVING Life Natural for a personal retreat, a small group retreat or even larger groups – we can cater for all size groups. Contact us now for more info to create your own bespoke retreat.

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