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One of the first books that really influenced my living a natural lifestyle was a book called “SURVIVAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY” Planetary Healers Manual by Viktoras H Kulvinskas.(A link to this fantastic book is below). I was hooked!!!!! 


Now more than ever it is important to look at this book and similar 60/70s books again. A look to see where we are, what did we learn or put into practice from what could be termed as an early conspiracy theory? The examples of natural living, energy, exercise, eating and natural meds is the strong string that pull many of the early alternatives together. 

An update of where we are as ‘supposed’ free people in early 2021. Under Martial law which at the moment has imposed FULL LOCKDOWN. A ‘flu’ like pandemic has closed the whole world down. REALITY NOT FICTION. 

The old world is dying and the new world has yet to be born. Ordinary citizens all over the planet, who’ve been struggling with the deep divisions across society in today’s fraught and fear-based social and political landscape, are coming together in active participation to co-create and embody a new story for their lives. 

Scientists and visionaries tell us that the evolutionary story that is now unfolding is of an interconnected, interdependent, living universe, in which humans are embedded in nature, in reciprocity with the natural world – a story that indigenous peoples have always known, and that many of us are now remembering. This evolutionary new story enquiry is empowering a groundswell of individuals and communities who are waking up to the potential of an audacious new world that is changing lives and mobilising collective action toward an interconnected, highly creative and regenerative world.

By changing your ways YOU are helping change the world. 

Join the visionaries – where living a natural lifestyle and being as self sufficient as possible, being your own doctors, food growers, teachers, income providers, chefs and music makers. Whilst living a life full of enjoyment, hard work yes but rewarding beyond imagination. A healthy temple, free of modern world pollutants and generally most common dis-eases, living a long agile, quality healthy and rewarding life is a must we all can achieve. 

Come join us at LLLN where we are sharing our journey living life natural. We live, fully embracing the mantra that our health is our wealth. Our natural health range is developed at our beyond organic, fresh river lined food and herbal forest farm and retreat, high in the mountains of Andalucia, Southern Spain. 

It’s here at our wonderfully secluded food forest farm that you can join us and learn vegan living and cooking, nutrition knowledge along with herbalism and veganic organic growing, alkaline eating and cooking direct from the food forest farm and bringing this all together where you are naturally using your food as your main health regime partner.  

One of our main activities and disciplines is herbalism. LLLN food and herbal forest is where many of our natural herbal medicines can be grown harvested and made into the best form of medicine suited to that plant and ailment. We offer personal consultations as well as teachings on herbalism an introduction that can be taken further. 

The idea is that all skills refreshed or newly learned can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle. We are not doing this to then go back and live the hectic 9-5 and beyond – working for no ‘end life’.  

We want to stir up the natural YOU. The healer, teacher, quality life living conscious YOU. It doesn’t have to be an immediate change. The sowing of the seed is the start.  

We all of us have the ability to find ways to make a difference. Technology can keep us linked, when we use this technology to our advantage we can build an existence that would be a benefit to all involved.  Remote contact via videolinks allow us to maintain contact and continue development, training, sharing and expanding. 

Our technology needs be of assistance to our quality of life, not controlling it. Our media is to inform us not mould us. Our TV is to entertain us not lie to us. If we are under constant alert our sympathetic system is in control of our homeostasis. This is Fright, Fight or Flight status, our nervous system does not relax allowing all kinds of health issues room to develop. 

Like a ripple that can become a river that’s fighting its way down to it’s end goal – the sea. We have been drawn together by energies with a higher purpose. We all have a quality called intuition, our gut feelings. This is a chemical reaction in the gut created by our neurotransmitters. Science has shown that the gut has a network of these neurotransmitters called the enteric nervous system, our second brain. How many times have you ignored your gut feelings? This is your truth where your sensory perception is felt first. You are the one that has the piece of the jig-saw needed to piece together the change we must all become. We must not wait for changes – as it is forever happening continually moving and can come quickly and pass us by. Change is like a relay race, you must be on the move to accept the baton. 

The time to stand up and be counted has never been more serious. Listen to your intuition. All you have been doing has lead you to now. You must look at the skills you have acquired in your life. During the lockdowns over the last year how dependent have you found yourself? How will you be able to function if the water is cut off or the gas and/or electricity fails? What if the supermarkets do not have enough food for us all? This may sound extreme, but our current situation is not too far away from a few of these scenarios painted.  

At LLLN we are always growing, harvesting, planting, blending, cooking, building, planning, eating, reasoning, sharing and growing foods and medicinal herbs but also our individual self-growth is something we advocate and are very keen to support. Many new alternative therapy disciplines were introduced to me through the 21st Century survival book, fruitarianism, breatharianism & yoga to name just a few! 

Mind Body and Soul all in balance and harmony – is the goal for a full homeostasis – this way natural dis~ease prevention is the everyday normal. LIVITY LIVING Life Natural can work with you to bring a lifestyle of dis~ease prevention living wherever you are, making your life a natural living experience. 

Through mainly plant based diets, herbal remedies, exercising & spending time in nature. All of these activities are adding to the quality of your whole being, internally and externally a benefit to your temple. Aiming always at developing a growing consciousness that brings a balanced Mind Body and Soul filled with purpose and love for life.  Not potentially shortening existence of a life, but enhancing a lifestyle that continually gives back and is fulfilling. A life where everyone is not only striving but thriving and enjoying what they are doing. 

At LLLN we continually feel blessed to have been chosen by this amazing land, that has a vibration and energy that will enchant you and make time drift into insignificance. We invite you to join us and share this enchanting Natural Food and Herbal forest farm where revitalization happens naturally. 

Could this be what hooks you……………..? 

We truly hope so… if you want to get involved in any way contact us directly at we would love to be a part of your miraculous journey!

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