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After two weeks of lock down here in Spain, we now need to make sure we are all defending ourselves health wise.
At LIVITY LIVING Life Natural we have been promoting a culture of living a dis~ease prevention lifestyle. Not many people seem to understand exactly what is meant by this. 
Well this CoronaVirus 19/5G pandemic is the exact situation we have been trying to have people prepared for.
Our immune systems are being attacked from all directions: 
The processed foods we eat
The chemically enhanced water that we drink
The EMF and 5G frequencies.
The dumbing down TV and media
The medications being prescribed
The vaccines 
The employment stress
The list CAN go on & on, but we have to be able to make our bodies strong enough to be able to overcome all of the above EVERYDAY STRESSES. 
What can we do about this?
Well we need to be able to be vibrating at such a frequency that none of the above phase you and more than likely when in full homeostasis don’t even enter into your realms.
Firstly diet. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT
We are seeing this more and more with the 5G / CoronaVirus 19 is supposedly hitting rich and poor alike. I say supposedly as we cannot trust anything the media tells us.
You are your healer – you can keep your body at it’s optimum which is the ultimate healing machine. We just need to use what nature has put there for us to use. NOTHING THAT IS NOT FROM NATURE needs to be consumed.
We can find all the healing, foods, proteins minerals we need in our foods and medicinal herbs. Pure water and fruit juices.
This is THE FOOD MEDICINE MAN at LIVITY LIVING Life Natural. We can supply you with your Natural medicinal herbs, many of these are in tincture form. This gives you a strong concentration of the herb. The whole herb has been macerated in Alcohol to create the tincture. This is your natural plant extract that can help the ailment in question by going direct into the blood stream and targeting its goal.
Adaptogens are a great place to start getting your body temple up to where it defends itself with any extra intervention.
Rhodiola roses. Helps in decreasing stress, helping to fight fatigue, help in fighting symptoms of depression, improve brain function and enhance exercise performance.
It’s said to aid diabetics and also may have anti cancer properties.
This is just one herb but you can also do many things yourself.
Drink high pH water above 7
Eat fruits
Drink hot limes / lemons if no limes ( make sure all your fruits have seeds) 
Go on walks. Get out into a forest.
Leave the TV computer and phones alone for a day. Give your brain time to digest all that info and eliminate all that electronic magnetic poisoning that’s all around all of us.
Spend quiet time in reflection. You will be amazed at how much you can organise in quiet reflection .
At LIVITY LIVING Life Natural, we are here to give info on how to live life naturally – a vegan alkaline dis~ease preventative life.
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and when the lock down is over we will commence the planned workshops on Living YOUR life Natural – from growing your own foods to creating your own medicines and everything in between.

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