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Distinguishing between the real good foods and the ones that are said to be doing good for our health, is not easy. When many so called healthy foods are looked into the nutritional value in very many cases is questionable. To simplify, man made (Hybrid foods) are plants that have been developed by man, this could have been done a while ago, but today we now take the plant as a natural thing. A good example is the soy bean. I’ve included this link to give a good explanation on soy.

For males, it is a fact that the high amount of oestrogen in the soy is a cause of men growing breasts. Most of the soy is GM and chemically produced and the nightmares’ of the negative health effects caused by the soy are now being seen.

We have many very popular fruits and vegetables that we now see as normal and nutritious, and from nature (natural). When in reality they are man-made, seedless and lacking in nutritional value. This is very important because food is our health and our medicine. Because the scientists are continually developing new foods, these foods are not what our digestive systems are used to. We as humans are still evolving and this is why we are seeing such a high increase in issues of health. We cannot digest and receive the full nutritional value needed for our temples to function at its optimum peak. Many of our modern foods are poisoning us slowly. Our guts are our second brain and many dis~eases’ start in the stomach. So for a healthy existence if we get the stomach bowel flora correct, you are looking at a healthy person.

Stomach Health

The extreme full on way to keep a healthy stomach, from my experience is the living a raw food/vegan diet, green juicing, mountain walks and regular yoga following electric food, EAT TO LIVE concept that works. One needs to be able to master taste and be able to stick though the initial new taste. It will amaze how tasteful filling and energetic the whole diet is. Once a Health Seeker has decided to follow this I am confident they will experience benefits.

Again I am conscious that extreme change can take time. This may include following a natural herbal healing course, where beforehand you may have or are currently on pharmaceutical medicines for a certain reason. Looking deeper into exactly what benefits and any possible side effects from the Pharma medicines you are taking. Learning and understanding the benefits of a vegan and raw food diet and how eating this way can actually help in replenishing your bodies’ organs.

Livity Living Life Natural is continually researching natural foods and alternative therapies to help maintain the equlibrium within our temples that provides a life of optimum health, longevity and good agility into the 100s’.

This information we share with you via vlogs, blogs, workshops, retreats and our online shop. Every individual is different this is why we offer individual consultations for nutritional and herbal medicines. Within our network are many other alternative therapists whom we can direct you to.

The decision to take back your life is one we all need to do TODAY, to take your decision further contact us at We can get you started and help you reach your goals.

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