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A short search for Mind Body & Soul on the internet returns a wealth of information this is a good indication of how much we are searching and how many of us are looking for a balance in our lives. We may be blessed with many trappings of life, but also very easily have nothing but the pains, dis-ease, and unfulfilled feelings. When this is analysed these feelings can be the same for both the haves and the have nots. This leads many of us to realise that real life issues are not solved by material gains alone, but a balance of our material life, our physical life and our spiritual life. This can be the pathway to a balanced way of being.

In this blog I am exploring avenues that may just be a new door for someone to walk through that leads to a balancing of life and a way of being that is in total synchronicity with the universe.  Once one is in this space of balance, harmony and synchronicity, everything is possible.

This organic self-discipline of one’s self is not an easy or quick process and a lot of time and energy must be invested. The biggest tools you have that will assist you and guide you into a permanent consciousness of balance is honesty and faith. Along with this one needs a lot of determination, discipline and openness as change is a constant feature.

 “Dis-ease occurs when the mind, body and soul are not working in harmony; the term dis-ease represents the turmoil created when these three components are out of alignment. The body is a complex machine designed by nature to serve the spirit /soul”.

One of the major results of an unbalanced life is the presence of dis~ease

It is said that 90-95% of dis-ease is a result of stress that is able to take hold of us emotionally and manifest as a physical ailment. This ailment becomes rooted in our spirituality and hence we are physically spiritually and mentally unbalanced. This can manifest in many ways and sadly end up as an unwanted dis-ease.

The need for harmony within our three building blocks of Mind, Body and Soul cannot be emphasised enough. A brief look at the building blocks individually may give us a bit more insight as to why being unbalanced has so much of an effect on our day to day living.

The Brain (MIND) without doubt the most amazing computing mechanism known to man, it sends, receives, computes and responds within seconds, so much so that we take it for granted. Our minds are looked at in so many ways According to Freud’s model of the human mind it often depends on

 “If you are a  philosopher the mind may well mean one’s personality, identity, and their memories. Those coming from a faith perspective say that the mind houses the spirit, and an awareness of God, and the scientist see the mind as a generator of ideas and thoughts. Freud’s theory also maintained that there are three levels of awareness or consciousness, and the usage is split up with 10% conscious, 50/60% subconscious and 30-40% unconscious. These three breakdowns working together create our reality. With just one of these out of sync we are in the realms of being unbalanced”.

In order to get our minds in the right shape to  be able to continually flow in the state of consciousness that leads to freedom through synchronicity we need to  be strong mentally, do what we  love doing, follow our passions with passion, listen to the voice in our heads, we may call it our gut feeling and always remember that you have the power to keep connecting. You have the power to take all distractions away and cut all energy from the outside world, that may bring you negativity hate pain, or judgement.

LOVE is our main building block, by loving oneself as well as others,   also by being kind to all animals and the planet. Taking time out for meditation and maintaining physical activity. It is vital that we are spending quality time in nature, by loving everyone and everything and by consciously FOCUSING on our bigger picture, by having an open mind for acceptance of ideas, knowledge and other people. This is so important to grasp as without love life has a different vibration.

The system and money world that we are all encouraged to chase and master has no time for love. The material gains if used for the better of the masses creates great karma, but if just for personal gains at the detriment of others, only bad karma will this way of being bring. Love is a quality to continually embrace and work on for always. With all of this to be worked on we must also bring in the body.


The Body (OUR TEMPLES). We just touched on how we must maintain physical activity to help our bodies function in the way that its been designed to perform. Our bodies are the ultimate repair mechanism that’s sole purpose is to be able to provide the best possible environment for homeostasis to continually exist. This is just a posh way of saying the body all working in harmony. So the starting point with the body is to be feeding the correct sustenance for the body to be able to function its task. Todays modern diets are very challenging to our bodies and sadly most of us are using up most of our energies dealing with the digestion of unsuitable foods that have very little nutritional value. Then the balances of our energies are dealing with heath issues that diet can cause. In order to be able to start functioning in any form of conscious, balanced way of being you must be in control of your complete diet. Living a balanced way of  life you are also looking at longevity along with good agility.

 To be able to keep your health in check you must have your internal organs working in perfect harmony, a digestive system that is naturally dealing with natural food obstructions is a must, good gastric juices flowing. This leaves your body able to maintain a full natural homeostasis just by us making sure that we are giving our bodies the correct exercise also that we are being fully conscious of what foods we are in taking, we are also conscious of any medications prescribed and the possible side effects. thoughts and feelings also play a major part in the balancing of Life.

At LIVITY LIVING Life Natural we follow a fully plant based diet in an environment that provides fresh mountain air with walks that will provide picture memories that will grace any wall, as well as wonderful beaches to stroll, within a hours commute.

Pure natural spring water, organic foods, wonderful areas for meditation and tranquillity where time drifts away.

Our Food and herbal forest provides a beautiful mountainous remote river lined happy natural work life environment that is a pleasure to be in. We follow and promote a 100% natural dis-ease prevention lifestyle. We advocate a ban on the word STRESS>

 The products that we produce, use and market are all 100% natural and in most cases as organic as can be. We promote a Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) ethic meaning that we work along with your pharmaceutical medications the aim of finally replacing is our goal. The plant based diet we follow and promote is also a very alkaline high diet that eliminates many of the hybrid foods that many consider part of their basic diet. The perfect examples are broccoli, carrots, rice, and wheat. These examples listed have been tampered with by man scientist to such an extent that they no longer resemble the original veg or grain that our grandparents knew, either in look or nutritional value. Being conscious of your intake of foods and liquids are all part of the substance that creates your vibrations, the purer your body temple the easier, more powerful positive and pure vibration will you generate.

The Soul/Spirituality /Consciousness. This subject is one that for every individual the experience can be so varied, having the experience will often be the key to being able to have a chance of understanding true spiritualty. The way for us to have a balanced spiritual existence means we need to be constantly working on ourselves. How we do this is again very organic to each individual. It can vary from walking, yoga , reading, cycling, gardening., cooking and the list goes on. Looking at how spirituality is written about gives a view of how diverse a subject this is. This was a quote from the internet.

“A broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all”.

 Being conscious of our self is the way that we can have some form of understanding of what is going on with us spiritual being totally honest about the experience is also a very very important point that must be mastered.

Being conscious and honest is very easy to say but putting both into practice is an art that once it is second nature one will be functioning at a very high vibration, with a deeper understanding about the balance of life. What we must also factor in is that we are a result of what we have come from, Our ancestors has a part to play in our make up. Research suggests that events in our lives can indeed affect the development of our children and perhaps even grandchildren – all without changing the DNA. For example, studies have shown that both the children and grandchildren of women who survived the Dutch famine of 1944-45 were found to have increased glucose intolerance in adulthood. This is just one factor that many of us hardly consider and is a perfect example of how difficult this subject is.

Spiritual awareness can also be described as an increase of conscious awareness. Consciousness is always awake, It is important that people seek to connect their conscious minds with their subconscious minds to ensure that they are living a fully conscious existence .

Those who are more aware have a greater understanding, compassion and respect for the world and all things in it. They are able to rise above feelings of greed, hatred, jealousy, resentfulness and despair. They are calmer, more at peace, and have an understanding about their higher life purpose. As a result, spiritual awareness can have a positive impact upon health, decreasing the likelihood of suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Spiritual awareness is not linked to any religion in particular.

People can be spiritual without being religious, Let go of attachments, either to people or material things. one should feel content within oneself, fulfilled and able to create your own happiness not relying on other people or things to

make you feel complete or worthy. First and foremost, you should love, respect and cherish yourself.

Live the life that you want to live. Live it with regard to other people, but not for other people. Stop worrying about what society expects from you, and do not bend to accommodate the demands of society if they are not true to your beliefs. LIVE TRUTH and LOVE to create balance in life.

We want to link with like minded people virtually and physically to grow into the new world together – giving support to each other. Contact us any time. We are always here to discuss and explore.

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