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BBC…….’Diet is cutting one in five lives short every year (4/01/2019)

This is the headline news in the UK April 2019. The system is finally admitting that the foods that they are putting out for you to consume is killing ONE in FIVE earlier than if they were consuming a diet that is beneficial to one’s health.

The Lancet reports that the average daily diet is now a bigger killer than smoking, with SALT being one of the main problems.  The researchers stated that it’s the poor quality of the diet and not obesity that is being seen as causing cancer and heart problems. Establishing that this is a problem in every country in the world 3 million deaths  were estimated to have been caused by too much salt in the diet, another 3 million deaths caused by the lack of  grains, and a further 2 million deaths attributed to too little fruit.

About 10 million out of the 11 million diet-related deaths were because of cardiovascular disease and that explains why salt is such a problem.

Too much salt raises blood pressure and that in turn raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Ras Binghi Iword Giving a short talk on diet, eating vegan and why. The Lancet study goes on to say that the healthy foods missing from our diets are nuts and seeds. The problems sighted are that these foods are generally to expensive, and also another common perception is that these little packs of energy will make one fat, although these are the good fats that we need.

In the UK The biggest problems are a lack of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and nuts and seeds. The study estimates 14% of UK deaths are related to diet, with 127 diet-related deaths per 100,000 people a year. Professor Murray states that people need to increase whole grains, fruit, nuts , seeds, and vegetables. What is also important to take into consideration is to keep away from highly processed foods. Many of the grains, seeds vegetables fruits and nuts are mass produced in such a way as to be of no nutritional value to us.

The natural evolution that our bodies are going through is NOT keeping up with the scientist and chemist who are genetically modifying our foods into foods that are alien to our digestive systems. This is why there is such a big increase in diet related dis-eases, and ultimately deaths.

We are increasingly taking on diets that are not providing enough nutrients to sustain a full balance homeostasis. Low carb diets as an example. Fibre and grains are so important for our longer term health. Our digestive system and gastric juices need the grains and fibres to enable our gut system to perform the task they are meant to do. This in turn reduces the natural flow and growth of our physical self. Our body is the perfect machine, anything that we consume that is not natural to our systems means that our body has to expend energy on the rebalancing of our internal system. This means we are out of balance; this affects our whole way of being, our moods, feelings, strength, body functions, ability to create, though we may not realise. We compromise ourselves every time we consume anything that is not good for our bodies.

Plant based diet is the way to make sure you are getting the nutrients. If you are consuming meats and fish keep it very minimal and organic. Dairy products also cut out the best you can. Consume more of the older grains, spelt, rye as most of our modern wheat farming techniques have developed faster than we have. Not good.

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