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LIVITY LIVING – A world where people are happy, healthy and active at all ages, in control of their health following a self care dis~ease prevention lifestyle, using food and exercise and when needed natural alternative therapies. Food is the main medicine, exercise is a close second, spiritual awareness completes the mind, body and soul experience.

With the many different messages on what is the right food/diet/exercise, knowing which way to go is not easy, we tell ourselves.  The truth is that once you decipher the right information it is easy, WHAT WE EAT WILL FEED OUR BODIES OR POLLUTE OUR BODIES ~ FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE OR POISON. What is not easy is applying it and more than that living it. The main obstruction we have is our own preferences, that for many of us has been a consequence of marketing campaigns, our taste buds, addiction to sugars, processed foods, GMO, etc. This distracts us and leads us into buying into the consumer products of THE SLIMMING WORLD, diet fads, gyms etc. This, in many cases adding to the material and financial straps we wear.

One way to overcome this is to follow a self created programme of a healthy lifestyle that incorporates strategies that continually work for us, this helps with COMPLIANCE, as this is the main area where people fail. By not completing the programme and following through on your course and making it a part of your lifestyle,  then you may not be able to achieve your target.

Having studied, lived and shared the knowledge attained over 30 years of natural holistic living, I know what it takes and how to live the holistic healthy life. The extreme full on, from my experience is the living a raw food/ vegan diet, green juicing, mountain walks and regular yoga, following electric food, eat to live concept that’s based on an alkaline diet. One needs to be able to master taste and be able to stick through the initial new tastes, it will amaze most how tasteful, filling and energetic the whole diet is. Once a Health Seeker has decided to follow this I am confident they will experience huge benefits.

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